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Digital Enablement Services Represent the Future of Marketing and Advertising

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In our last couple blog posts, we have taken a closer look at some of the industries we put the weight of our investment behind. As a reminder, the four verticals we invest in include:

  • eLearning

  • eCommerce

  • Health Technology

  • Digital Enablement

Today, we want to spend some time talking about digital enablement. What does it mean and why are we so focused on it? It may sound wonky, but it is very easy to understand. Let's dig a little deeper.

What is Digital Enablement?

Let's start out by dismissing common misconceptions. First, digital enablement is not necessarily digital marketing. Digital enablement refers to the ability of a system, service, product, or device to help make an enterprise succeed at the operational level. To put it more simply, a comprehensive digital enablement strategy will connect business objectives and roadmaps with marketing, advertising, operations, technology, and culture. It will help transform your organization into a truly digital enterprise.

Now, why is that important? For many, this can seem like a simplistic question. But there is merit in it. For one, we all live in a digitally saturated world. An effective digital enablement strategy should position you as the authority in your space. It should prime you to respond quickly to your customer's needs and provide on-demand service when they need it.

An effective digital enablement strategy should include managing change, communications, upskilling, advertising, content management, and so much more. Digital enablement should also encompass multiple platforms. No matter what CMS, CIM, or CRM you use, digital encompasses all these.

Technology is the Key to an Effective Digital Enablement Strategy

The key to an effective digital transformation program should include the adoption of new technologies. Organizations must ensure that when they introduce a quality, stable platform, everyone within the organization can utilize its capabilities and fully understands its necessity. Core business units - from sales to marketing, accounting, and recruiting - should fully understand how advanced technological systems benefit them.

Take POWR as one example. POWR is one of the companies that make up Pluribus Technologies. We acquired POWR because - pun intended - we saw the power in their products and services. They provide easy-to-use and customizable solutions for websites of all shapes and sizes. Major companies trust POWR to turn their websites into more than just digital billboards. POWR helps companies optimize lead collection and turn visitors into converted shoppers.

Another example of one of our companies operating - and succeeding - in the digital enablement space, is social5. Social5 is a social media marketing company that uses proprietary automation technology to deliver content to thousands of businesses, every day. Social5 generates content on numerous platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. They specialize in graphical design, content creation, social media marketing, reputation management, and more. They also wield a stable of capable, well-respected writers producing on-point content for their customers. Are you curious about how socially savvy your company is? Try out their online assessment!

Why Do You Need a Digital Enablement Strategy?

Without an effective digital enablement strategy, your digital transformation in the modern age will not succeed. While there are some risks to embarking on the digital journey, the rewards far outweigh the risks. When you take a holistic approach to ensure your company remains relevant in the digital space, everyone benefits.

You can expect more inquiries, sales, qualified leads, and a bigger audience. And the companies that make up the digital enablement part of our company can help empower your teams and ensure you achieve greater levels of digital agility.

Keep ahead of your competitors, latch on to current market trends, and launch yourself in the digital enablement space. POWR and social5 can help you do just that!

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