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Assured Software's Value Proposition for Damage Restoration Companies

Assured Software, a restoration and contents job management platform, focuses on simplifying job management and accelerating payment processes. The solutions provided by Assured Software are designed to help restoration contractors and independent adjusters streamline their workflows and better serve their clients. Built on the Salesforce Cloud platform, the products of Assured Software enable damage restoration companies to manage their tasks more efficiently and grow their businesses.

Assured Software offers several products that cater to the needs of restoration contractors and independent adjusters. The products include JobCheck, PackOut, TrackIt, and now ReplaceIt. JobCheck is a job management dashboard that provides real-time updates directly from the teams in the field processing the contents of a home or business after a disaster. Photos, notes, documentation, and critical information can be stored in the JobCheck system, giving users access to job files from any device, anywhere, and anytime.

PackOut standardizes the process of listing, organizes items automatically by room, and reads barcode tags on items and boxes. TrackIt is a powerful inventory management tool that enhances asset tracking with real-time data capture. TrackIt allows clients to view, analyze, and act on data, resulting in better decisions and increased efficiency.

We've also announced the beta release of Assured ReplaceIt, a replacement cost pricing app, featuring a live link to the Amazon store, with more merchants to come. Users can also get instant, real-time replacement valuation pricing, all within the app. Users will be able to validate cleaning vs. replacement cost pricing, all from one user-friendly interface.

One of the four verticals we operate in is the digital enablement vertical. And Assured Software fits squarely into our digital enablement strategy. That strategy is to acquire small software companies that have unique digital offerings and help them grow through targeted investment and management expertise. By acquiring innovative software companies like Assured Software, we achieve our goal of providing businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient digital enablement software solutions.

Assured Software has made remarkable strides in the restoration and insurance industry. The company's hands-on approach to helping clients implement their software makes it a trusted partner for businesses across different sectors. Assured Software offers easy-to-learn training to help retrain new users, personalized customer service before and after buying its products, quick-start approaches to help clients get started fast, and affordable and scalable prices for any-sized restoration business. Assured Software also provides re-training, in case your new employees need a refresher on Assured Software products.

As a result of the company's innovative and efficient solutions, Assured Software has helped clients process payments faster and provided detailed image-based reports produced using Assured PackOut. The software has streamlined contents businesses and made the process of preparing inventory lists and total loss reports more efficient and easier for job coordinators. Assured Software Salesforce-based products have been widely praised by customers, with many specifically referring to the software's ease of use, efficient processes, and quality performance, as found on the Assured Software website.

With a focus on streamlining restoration job management and payment processing for businesses, Assured Software's products have made it a crucial player in the restoration and insurance industry. Pluribus Technologies' acquisition of Assured Software has provided the company with the support needed to remain at the forefront of digital innovation while retaining its position as a leading provider of software solutions. The personalized customer service, affordable pricing, and scalability of its products make Assured Software an ideal partner for damage restoration businesses of all sizes. The company's reputation, coupled with its performance, makes it one of the best options for businesses seeking excellent restoration job management solutions.

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