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Investment Criteria

Acquisition Method

We buy small software companies that have developed a niche in a vertical market servicing a loyal base of customers with a unique B2B application. The owner-operator/investors do not have a clear succession plan in place and want to exit either immediately or gradually over time but can’t unless someone comes in an takes the business forward.  The company must have a history of consistent revenue and steady profitability.


The business has likely not grown rapidly for the following reasons:


  1. The owner/investors have built an excellent lifestyle business with consistent dividends and have not been interested in growth though  there is probably potential.

  2. The owner/investors have done a great job in focusing on customers in one segment of the vertical or one geography and feel that they don’t have the expertise to expand into enterprise customers or other geographic regions.

  3. The owner/investors are risk averse and do not want to invest significant capital into sales people, channel partners or new markets or have tried before and failed.

This lack of growth is not a negative to our management team, it is where the opportunity lies.

Our model is to take over the day-to-day management of the business and develop a transition plan with the founders. The goal is to leverage their relationships with customers and vendors and transition them to our team so that they can actually exit the business but feel that their legacy is in good hands. We will also work with the existing employees to give them the opportunity to be part of a growing organization where hard work, adding value, and integrity is rewarded.

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Acquisition Philosophy 01.


Focus on companies with less than $10M in revenue that have 20-30% normalized EBITDA

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