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A Closer Look at TeleMED Diagnostic Medical Solutions

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We are coming to you with the next installment in our "A Closer Look" series of blogs. In today's article, we are going to introduce you to TeleMED Diagnostic Medical Solutions. TeleMED operates within our Health Tech vertical, bringing essential diagnostic medical information management to cardiologists and labs in Canada and Australia. They are able to manage diagnostic data across networks with ease. Let's take a closer look at how they do it.

Introducing ViTELflo

ViTELflo is TeleMED's system for facilitating the storage and transfer of critical diagnostic data for cardiology doctors and clinics, laboratories, and rural internal medicine doctors. Consider for a moment that a patient's important diagnostic medical data may have to be sent to multiple parties as a diagnosis is made. With disparate systems operating across Canada and Australia, ViTELflo provides a high level of interoperability and security. It is device agnostic and incredibly user-friendly.

Even better, ViTELflo does not require the addition of a third-party application or required plug-in. All users need is a standard web browser. TeleMED's intuitive web-based portal is easy to access and designed for ease of use and security. TeleMED understands sensitive patient information is being transmitted, which is why they place such a high importance on data integrity and network security.

The ViTELflo system offers:

  • Automated Workflow

  • Structured Reporting

  • Secure Access

  • Quality Control

  • Data Encryption

  • Audit Trails

Even better, ViTELflo can scale with a practice or lab and is vendor-neutral. It was designed to be as easy to integrate into your current systems as possible. ViTELflo takes information from integrated information systems such as Accuro and Omnitech and includes integrated vendors, test environments, and test modalities. Reports can be distributed through print, auto-fax, or online through Netcare.

ViTELflo empowers physicians and lab managers by providing quick access to tests and other critical diagnostic information. Medical providers can then make faster decisions, which creates better outcomes for patients. Who doesn't like that? With ViTELflo, stakeholders keep the process cycle moving smoothly and securely, no matter where they are when it is or what device they are on.

Clinics use ViTELflo to connect their internal devices, interpret data, sync with EMRs, and create thorough reports. Just consider for a moment that many cardiologists practice out of multiple locations. Therefore, they need a unified system that allows them to quickly and securely access important diagnostic medical data. Important data is available 24/7 through a simple and user-friendly interface.

Even better, ViTELflo connects with most major diagnostic systems, including those from Philips, GE, Siemens, Burdick, and many more. ViTELflo also accepts and delivers messages from systems such as QHR, Epic, and Sunquest.

Medical laboratories use ViTELflo primarily to automate their workflows and increase lab productivity. As lab managers chase for ever higher processing times, ViTELflo helps them keep efficiencies maximized. ViTELflo can help lab managers isolate the tasks that take the most time and helps streamline them with a simple click of the mouse. All interested parties within the lab can be connected to these important workflows through the system, whether they are physicians or work in admin or finance offices.

ViTELflo is the missing link for clinics and labs that want to streamline their operations and better manage their important diagnostic medical data. TeleMED Diagnostic Medical Solutions provides just that: solutions to adding visibility and increased productivity to cardiologist clinics and laboratories across Canada and Australia. Their innovations in the health tech space are creating better outcomes for physicians and patients. How can they help your clinic or lab raise the bar on efficiency, security, and data integrity?

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