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A Closer Look at POWR

We are returning to our "A Closer Look" series to introduce you to yet another member of the Pluribus Family of companies. Occupying our "Digital Enablement" vertical, POWR has been powering its way through the web design and development space for years. They offer a unique and inexpensive set of easy-to-use and customizable website widgets and add-ons. Their solutions are used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Acer, Staples, and Airbus. POWR helps companies of all sizes and all sorts of verticals accelerate their growth by optimizing lead collection and conversions on their websites. Let's take a closer look.

Discover the POWR of Web Apps and Widgets

No matter what kind of business you operate; regardless of your needs and goals, POWR has an app for that. Whether you want to gather valuable information to drive more sales, communicate with your current customers to build brand loyalty, drive more business referrals, or boost overall customer satisfaction, you can do it with POWR's suite of web apps and widgets. Your business can use POWR solutions for the following:

  • Collect Leads: Connect with your ideal potential customer using the power of data using POWR solutions.

  • Improve Conversions: Converting leads has everything to do with effective calls to action. Increase sales and conversions with POWR.

  • Gain a Bird's Eye View: View all the critical information related to your customer and lead base in one convenient space. Bring your social channels, videos, posts, and product images under one centralized umbrella.

  • Improve Customer Service: Support your customers by building a support community, creating a list of frequently asked questions, and reply to customer comments or concerns in real time.

  • Burnish Your Reputation: Highlight excellent reviews and product ratings as they come in. Prove your reliability and build trust with your customer base with POWR.

Now, once you have access to all these amazing, business-enhancing apps, where do you go to manage them? Fortunately, POWR has thought of that.

A Dashboard for All Things

POWR has over 60 web app solutions. That's a lot. The good news is the team at POWR has created a dashboard where all of your critical web applications and widgets can be accessed from one place. POWR users can manage all their apps across all of their sites in one simple web-based interface. They can also create new apps, keep track of active ones, view all contacts and payments collected, and so much more.

Users can also seamlessly integrate the apps they use with other digital business tools available in the open marketplace. No matter what other tools you use, or what platforms you operate on - from WordPress to Shopify and more - POWR apps and solutions can communicate with all of them. The engineers at POWR have put a premium on security and interoperability, so you can rest assured that you won't encounter integration problems after the fact.

Finally, POWR users can customize the look and feel of their apps to their heart's content. POWR users have complete control over the look and feel of their apps, so it matches their brand styling perfectly and becomes a natural element of their website. Control the following elements of your POWR apps:

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Button Style

  • Layout

  • Size

  • Border

  • ... and more!

Are you ready to take your website to the next level? It's time to consider adding the power of POWR apps and widgets to your website. Better communicate with your customers, increase conversions, and provide an all-around better user experience for those visiting your website. Want to learn more? POWR is waiting for you to sign up for FREE!

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