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A Closer Look at LogicBay

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Welcome back to our "A Closer Look" series where we highlight one or more of the companies that flourish under the Pluribus Technologies umbrella. Today, we are going to introduce you to LogicBay. LogicBay provides business-critical training and networking services for companies operating in the manufacturing sector. They operate in the manufacturing sector because - as a legacy industry - manufacturing has been historically slow to adapt to a changing business environment. And yet, manufacturing has still gone digital. Those working in the manufacturing space will need to adjust their policies, training, and onboarding to meet the needs of today.

LogicBay addresses a problem unique to manufacturing companies. Consider that many OEMs we partner with themselves work with distribution channels comprised of up to hundreds of partners. In this kind of environment, it's hard to make fast pivots. LogicBay provides the impetus for manufacturers within their network to make that pivot. And since the future of manufacturing is digital, LogicBay innovates in a digital space. Let's take a closer look at their products and how they help manufacturers reach new heights in their sectors.

In the manufacturing sector, there are generally only two ways to take your operation digital. The first is through a partner relationship management (PRM) system created primarily for your distribution partners. The second is a digital ecosystem that encompasses everyone from suppliers to customers. Let's first examine what a PRM is.

PRM systems are often web- or cloud-based and typically include a partner portal, customer database, and other tools that allow companies and partners to manage leads, revenues, opportunities, and sales metrics. Partner relationship management systems also track inventory, pricing, discounting, and operations. Manufacturers, they do it all. And since manufacturers utilize channel partners to reach customers LogicBay's PRM addresses this need. From challenges with partner recruitment to identifying and measuring the right metrics for your distribution channel, LogicBay's PRM solution enables OEM channels to produce optimal results. What does that mean in practice? Engaged dealers and customers, brand loyalty and retention, new and incremental sales, and stronger digital connections with key stakeholders.

A PRM is only one piece of the puzzle. LogicBay caters to other needs manufacturers have. The need for a digital ecosystem. But what is a digital ecosystem? First, consider the definition of what an ecosystem is. An ecosystem consists of all the organisms and the physical environment with which they interact. Now simply remove the word physical and replace it with digital and the definition applies. For manufacturers, the nodes within this network are distributors, dealers, agencies, trade schools, and industry associations.

LogicBay's digital ecosystems help businesses, their partners, and their customers get things done through effective communication and collaboration. Through its digital ecosystem, LogicBay helps its manufacturing clients drive innovation, foster long-lasting partnerships, and create synergies and opportunities where otherwise they may not have existed. When manufacturers link all the entities of their digital ecosystem together and utilize state-of-the-art technology, they can increase their effectiveness and flexibility, growing their business. LogicBay helps them do just that.

We are proud to call LogicBay a member of the Pluribus Technology family of companies. Driven by innovation in technology, LogicBay assessed what industry was in need of digital innovation and the manufacturing sector fit the bill. As a result, they built custom products to meet the needs of companies manufacturing all sorts of products.

Are you a manufacturer looking to future-proof your company with effective PRMs and digital ecosystems that match you to the people and organizations you need? Let’s chat about your specific business challenges and what kind of digital transformation you need to help your distribution channel thrive.

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