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A Closer Look at Five Members of the Pluribus Family of Companies

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We do things a little differently here at Pluribus Technologies. Yes, we acquire other companies. But we're very specific and methodical in the way we do it. We don't bring just anyone into our family of companies. Our focus is specifically on small, niche companies operating profitably in the tech sector. Then we figure out how we can leverage the skill, talents, products, and services of those companies to maximize earning potential across the entire family. When they all succeed, we all succeed.

That's why we wanted to take a moment to highlight the companies we call family. And we define family by the hard-working, committed individuals who work for each of these companies. This is a diverse, professional, and experienced group of people working in all aspects of the technology sector, and we are so proud to call them part of the Pluribus family.

We love finding companies that truly innovate within their niche and Assured Software is one. They analyzed the specific needs of insurance carriers and companies that provide emergency, remediation, construction, and restoration services for clean-up and repair after water or fire damage. Their technologies, built on the proven Salesforce® Cloud Database Platform help these companies better organize and carry out complex projects and improve customer satisfaction, and contractor and vendor satisfaction all while getting paid on time.

Here is another fascinating niche player were just so impressed with. DocMoto is an app-based document and email management system. It's a perfect solution for companies who require innovative email management, content tagging, searching, sharing, and full revision control over their documents. Some of their most prolific customers are law firms, fitness firms, film studios, and more. DocMoto has revolutionized document and email management.

If you notice one thing, we hope it is the diversity of our family of companies. ICOM Productions innovates in how corporate training gets done. They partner with some of the largest companies in the world to offer cutting-edge learning experiences, from virtual reality to full-scale video production, motion graphics, and video storytelling. They get trainees and attendees engaged through truly amazing techniques and methodologies. And when their services are leveraged across the Pluribus family, even greater synergies are found.

Operating in the digital enablement space, Social5 was a perfect fit for the Pluribus Technologies family of companies. Social5 works with small and medium-sized businesses to provide them with affordable social media marketing solutions. They help businesses get seen and find relevance online and do it in a scalable and automated fashion. While they rely on a stable of experienced writers to generate compelling content, the technology underpinning their scheduling system is what sets them apart.

Pluribus Technologies focuses also on bringing healthcare companies into the family. TeleMED is a perfect example of this. TeleMED has truly innovated in the space of managing medical diagnostic data. Their ViTELflo system allows cardiologists and others who have mountains of non-invasive medical diagnostic data to provide that data instantly and securely to other stakeholders who need it. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the full capabilities of TeleMED systems.

About Pluribus Technologies

We're a different company. Not only do we acquire niche companies, but we ourselves are niche. As we mentioned before, we very carefully look for a certain kind of profitable technology company. We want others within the Pluribus family of companies to leverage the talents, products, and services of companies new to the family in a way that enhances us all. We are entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs. And collaboration is written into our company's DNA: e pluribus unum. "Out of Many, One." We're very proud of that ethos. Learn more about our mission on our website.

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