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A Closer Look at Assured Software

It's time for another look at one of the companies within the Pluribus Technologies family of companies. Today, we bring you to Assured Software, a company pioneering inventory and job management services for damage restoration companies, insurance companies, and moving and storage companies. Assured Software helps businesses who track inventory and plan jobs better track said inventory and better plan said jobs. But how do they do it? Let's dig a little deeper.

Assured Software has developed innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, of which there are three. Automate jobs and contents with Assured JobCheck™, the industry’s top job management solution for restoration companies of any size. Standardize your inventory listing process and seamlessly organize your inventory and photos with Assured PackOut™. Use your mobile device to scan items and box labels, virtually view the contents of any box, and easily track, search, and identify misplaced items with Assured TrackIt™. Communicate with your people, seamlessly process contents and inventory, and streamline jobs with Assured Software. Let's look at each one closer.

Assured PackOut standardizes the inventory listing process where inventory and photos are automatically organized by room and condition. This is perfect for damage restoration companies and moving companies. Because the fact is that Assured Packout makes managing inventory easy. Here are some key features of Assured PackOut:

  • A mobile app available on both iPad and Android devices that facilitates listing contents in the restoration industry

  • Crews automatically use a standard process to list

  • Contents are automatically organized with photos and conditions

  • PackOut has CRM for contents

PackOut comes with Assured JobCheck, built on the Salesforce® Cloud Platform, #1 in the world for Customer Relationship Management. Even better, there is no software to install. All you have to do is log in to JobCheck from any computer and you can do things like:

  • Locate and return items

  • Email customized reports and lists

  • Manage contacts and crews

The PackOut iPad/Android app is the best on the market today because you've got access to:

  • Organized photo inventory

  • Comprehensive product catalog

  • Guided process for listing non-salvaged items

  • Ease of use & simple onboarding

  • Device-agnostic listing app

  • Job dashboards identify actionable jobs

Assured JobCheck is job management for a restoration company of just about any size. Assured JobCheck helps you stay organized on jobs by seamlessly automating your job files. Assured Software has built JobCheck as an affordable, quick-start cloud solution for damage restoration companies to automate task assignments and information sharing in order to process property loss jobs efficiently.

With JobCheck, damage restoration companies can automate job files with features that make it easy to share photos, record notes, and provide real-time visibility into job and insurance documentation such as standardized inventory lists added from Assured PackOut. Here are some essential JobCheck features:

  • New claim notifications

  • Real-time visibility into claims/job information relating to Insurance, adjuster, loss and claim information

  • Real-time updates from your team in Job Feed

  • Access jobs from anywhere to see job & contact details

  • Visibility into job progress & profitability tracking

  • Custom workflow engine keeps restoration and contents jobs on track

  • Job dashboards identify actionable jobs

What makes JobCheck a system today's damage restoration companies need? It can help you with the following:

  • Tasks that need doing today

  • Real-time updates from your team in the job feed

  • Photos, notes, documentation, contact info

  • Contents lists and CRM for contents jobs

  • Insurance, adjuster, loss, and claim info

  • Secure on the world's #1 Cloud Platform

Assured TrackIt offers fully integrated inventory tracking. Users can scan item and box labels with their iPad/Android devices, allowing full tracking capabilities. Assured TrackIt not only “moves” content for you but also allows you to see content photos, notes, and updates.

View TrackIt as the smart scanner for your warehouse. Unlike a conventional barcode scanner, Assured TrackIt does the work of a computer and scanner combined. You can generate QR codes and track inventory with them. And it is so easy there's no training required. Simply scan the item and box labels with your iPad/Android devices, and TrackIt not only “moves” contents for you but also allows you to see contents, photos, notes, and updates. No need to open boxes or run to find a computer. With TrackIt, you can check box and item counts at a glance, so you never lose a box or item again. TrackIt is free! with the cloud version of Assured PackOut.

Are you convinced yet? Assured Software helps damage restoration companies insurance adjusters, and moving companies with a way to better manage inventory and track jobs. Contact Assured Software today to learn more!

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