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Why It Is Important to Instead Reinvest

Mergers and acquisitions have been a popular business strategy for companies looking to expand their operations, increase market share, and boost profitability. And we should know. Acquiring small B2B software companies stands at the core of our acquisition strategy and investment philosophy.

However, the endless pursuit of acquiring new companies can become counterproductive, resulting in diminishing returns and decreased organizational efficiency. In such situations, companies must consider reinvesting in their existing portfolio of acquired companies to reap long-term benefits. And that's a philosophy we also believe in here at Pluribus Technologies.

Why Does Reinvesting Matter?

First and foremost, focusing on reinvesting in already acquired companies can lead to better integration and synergy among the different entities in the organization. Merging companies often come with their own unique set of values, cultures, and business practices. Reinvesting in already acquired companies allows companies to build a stronger and more cohesive corporate culture that can enhance collaboration, productivity, and employee morale. When a company takes the time to integrate acquired companies into its existing structure, it can unlock potential synergies and cost savings that may have been missed before.

As an example, we have taken products from several of our companies in the eLearning space - ICOM Productions, LogicBay, and SkilSure, for example - and grouped them all under the auspices of The Learning Network. Another example is that of POWR and Social5, which by this time next year will operate as a single company.

Another benefit of reinvesting in already acquired companies is the potential for long-term growth and profitability. It takes time and resources to integrate newly acquired companies into the existing organization, and there is no guarantee of success. Investing in already acquired companies that have proven their potential and worth can yield more predictable and sustainable growth over the long term. Companies can focus on maximizing the strengths of their existing portfolio and streamlining their operations to achieve better efficiency and profitability.

Create Greater Economies of Scale

Additionally, when companies focus on reinvesting in their existing portfolio, they can also benefit from greater economies of scale. This can lead to cost savings and increased purchasing power, ultimately resulting in a more competitive position in the market. With an increased focus on their existing portfolio, companies can also direct more resources toward product and service innovation, which can help them stay ahead of the competition and retain their customer base.

Moreover, excessive acquisition can often result in what is known as the "acquisition trap," where companies become overly reliant on acquisitions to drive growth and profitability. In such cases, companies may overlook the potential of their existing portfolio, leading to the underutilization of valuable assets and missed opportunities for growth. By shifting the focus towards reinvesting in the existing portfolio, companies can break free from this trap and focus on unlocking the true potential of their current assets.

Finally, reinvesting in existing companies can also have a positive impact on employee retention and job security. When companies focus on acquiring new companies, it can lead to uncertainty and anxiety among employees of the acquired companies, who may be concerned about their job security and the future direction of the company. By shifting the focus towards reinvesting in already acquired companies, companies can reassure employees and provide a sense of stability and continuity. This can lead to greater employee satisfaction, higher retention rates, and a more stable workforce. We're proud to invest in the people that make up the Pluribus Technologies family of companies.

While mergers and acquisitions can be an effective strategy for companies to expand their operations and increase market share, it is important to recognize the diminishing returns that come with an excessive focus on acquisition. By shifting the focus towards reinvesting in the existing portfolio, companies can achieve better integration, long-term growth, cost savings, greater economies of scale, and improved employee satisfaction. Ultimately, companies that strike a balance between acquisition and reinvestment can achieve sustainable growth, profitability, and success in the long term.

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