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Software Solutions That Power Up Restoration Companies

At Pluribus Technologies, we invest in software solutions that help make companies more efficient, profitable and successful. One of our company's earliest acquisitions was Assured Software, which offers a restoration job management platform that helps restoration and insurance companies save time and money. It's designed to help quickly get things back to normal after a disaster while providing the best possible experience for contractors, property owners and insurance companies.

Fires, flooding and a host of other adverse events can cause a wide range of damage to homes and businesses that require property owners to file insurance claims and hire restoration companies that specialize in this type of damage for the repairs and cleanup work. Assured Software provides value to the restoration and insurance industries with these incredible tools:

JobCheck: Restoration jobs have a lot of moving parts. Based securely in the cloud, JobCheck provides restoration companies with a quick and easy way to automate task assignments and streamline information sharing among everyone working on a restoration project. It's an affordable, quick-start cloud-based solution for restoration companies of any size to automate task assignments and information sharing to process property loss jobs efficiently.

This innovative tool automates job files and makes it easy to share photos, record notes, and provide real-time visibility into job and insurance documentation such as standardized inventory lists added from Assured PackOut.

PackOut: This mobile app — which is available on both iPad and Android devices — provides a quick and easy way to list inventory and contents for restoration companies. This tool standardizes the inventory listing process, organizing inventory and photos by room and condition. It's bundled with JobCheck.

TrackIt: Contents of a home or business may need to be removed during a restoration project. Digging through boxes and using paper and pen to manage inventory during a restoration job is a nightmare. Managing a big restoration job requires an inventory of varying types and amounts. TrackIt is an inventory tracking tool that scans items before they are packed into boxes and provides full-tracking ability until they are placed back in the home or business.

Many restoration companies still use a lot of paper and computer files stored on laptops. Assured Software's solutions can help them go paperless and transition to a more secure and efficient cloud-based way of doing business that's built on the industry-leading Salesforce® platform. It's more efficient and can have a significant and positive impact on a restoration company's bottom line by saving time and money, increasing quality collaboration and reducing carbon footprints.

Want to learn more about Assured Software? Visit the company's website: or call 1-877-277-9933.

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