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A Closer Look at Three More Members of the Pluribus Family of Companies

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Welcome back to our blog series taking a closer look at the amazing companies we are proud to call our own. As we mentioned in the first of this blog series, at Pluribus Technologies we don’t just acquire any company; we acquire specific companies and for specific reasons. Last time, we introduced you to:

  • Assured Software

  • DocMoto

  • ICOM Productions

  • Social5

  • TeleMED Diagnostic Management

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into three more members of the Pluribus family of companies. Before we do, we want to explain the specific reasons that drive what companies we buy and why. We focus on four specific market verticals when we acquire companies, and any company we acquire must fit within one of those four verticals. They include:

  • eLearning

  • eCommerce

  • Digital enablement

  • Health technologies

Over time, we have built a strong pipeline of profitable acquisition opportunities and utilize a sales and marketing strategy focused on cross-selling. We bring our family of companies together to do great things, which brings us to our first introduction.

The Learning Network came to us as one company focused on eLearning. Yet, as we expanded in the eLearning space and acquired more companies in that vertical (such as ICOM Productions), we realized that The Learning Network was uniquely placed to itself act as an umbrella organization for other companies we have acquired. Today, The Learning Network focuses on Learning Management System production and training, but more than that, this network combines the talents of other companies who now operate with them.

The companies housed within The Learning Network provide a selection of products and services that encompasses a vast array of eLearning verticals. Whether it be a simple LMS system that can be created in a day or a very industry-specific 3D learning environment system, these tools, products and services can be found under the auspices of The Learning Network. Whether you need in-house training and development content creation or would prefer to outsource the work to professionals, The Learning Network can help.

POWR is a company that exists within our digital enablement vertical. This company offers a suite of website plug-ins and add-ons, which allow businesses to accelerate growth and optimize lead collection and conversions from their website. POWR’s user-friendly and easy-to-install apps for websites include everything from a media gallery to social feeds, form builders, chat, sliders and dozens more. Whether the goal is to convert leads, get more followers, allow for a live chat option, create a job board or just about anything else under the sun, POWR has got a business’ website covered!

LogicBay is a fascinating company that helps organizations build, scale and optimize their sales channels. It also helps companies in traditionally static industries expand their networks and find new partners for their products and services. One of LogicBay’s core offerings is FUSE, a member-based digital ecosystem for companies operating in the manufacturing industry. LogicBay lives under The Learning Network’s umbrella and serves industries such as manufacturing, trucking and many more. LogicBay is proud to offer innovative solutions to industries that don't typically have easy access to those solutions.

About Pluribus Technologies

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we are proud to bring the Canadian spirit of openness, kindness and collaboration to the work we do and the companies we acquire. Whether you are a business owner with a successful company looking for an exit strategy or an investor looking to invest in a forward-thinking, 21st-century organization, Pluribus Technologies is the company for you. To learn more about our mission, the work we do and our portfolio of companies, head over to our website.

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