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A Closer Look at Pathways

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We are bringing you our latest installment in our "Closer Look" series, which introduces you to the teams and companies that make up the Pluribus Technologies family of companies. Today, we introduce you to Pathways, a company innovating in the eLearning space. Many of the companies that comprise our family operate in the eLearning sector. And that's for good reason. The eLearning vertical is primed for explosive growth and massive uptake across industries. And Pathways is uniquely primed to take advantage of these growth opportunities. Let's dig deeper into what Pathways does and how companies benefit.

eLearning: eLearning is learning that takes place online instead of in a physical classroom environment. And Pathways builds effective online training solutions for just about any industry within a secure eLearning environment. These training solutions can be customized for specific brand needs and learner types. Pathways offers eLearning solutions where a learner can learn sitting behind a computer or relaxing on a couch with their tablet. Pathways electronic and mobile learning projects provide new ways for users to learn. Pathways engineers do the work to ensure that each module’s design reinforces participant knowledge through a compelling, interactive, and relevant experience. Activities include quizzes, knowledge checks, click and reveals, and much more.

Learning Management Systems (LMS): Pathways offers access to an effective LMS that allows companies to create content and curriculum onsite. The best part? Users won't have to search endlessly for training documents. By providing access to what they call "micro-learning portals," system users can access training information immediately, from anywhere and on any device. Whether you use slides, videos, or manuals, it can all be easily organized, accessed, and even created using the Pathways LMS.

Video & Animation: Developers at Pathways specialize in creating live-action or animation-based training videos. And not only does this content look good, but it also drives learning outcomes and better uptake of taught principles. Learning and video production must be developed in concert. Consider that movies have been used to tell stories for hundreds of years. Learners are primed to understand concepts about processes, products, services, procedures, or almost anything else you want to teach or convey.

Virtual Reality: The next evolution in training will be virtual reality learning. These advanced learning experiences create learner experiences that simulate real life. From live production to system walkthroughs, pre-production to post, Pathways has created videos that capture learners' attention and teach them concepts users want them to learn. In fact, Pathways was the first developer of virtual reality eLearning in Canada. With virtual reality, you can create truly immersive scenarios for your learners to encounter, navigate, and apply their skills and knowledge to.

Pathways eLearning solutions are easy to use, advanced, secure and fast. Companies both large and small across a wide swathe of industries count on Pathways solutions to uptrain their people and provide new information. Take the financial sector as one example. The financial sector has been one of the biggest sources of users on the Pathways system, giving the company opportunities to instruct their employees on topics such as loan underwriting, risk assessment, and new systems training.

In the end, Pathways provides its clients with everything they need to get started and our pricing plans make us an affordable choice, no matter what kind of work they do. To learn more about how Pathways eLearning solutions can change the way your company trains and develops its employees, simply contact them today!

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