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Technology that supports learning beyond the classroom

In the world of education today, there's a real need for technology that helps schools make sure all students have the resources they need to succeed. That's why we're excited to have Skooli as part of Pluribus Technologies. The company's online learning platform offers tutoring options for K-12 school districts, not for profits and corporations that want to support students with instant access to qualified teachers.

Skooli offers an online tutoring platform that serves more than 400,000 students and is designed to complement the efforts of classroom teachers. For example, Skooli offers on-demand 1-on-1 homework help. When a student needs help, they never wait for more than two minutes for a qualified tutor to hop on and help them with their subject. The list of subjects that tutors can help with is vast and tutoring sessions are recorded so students can replay any session they'd like to help them learn. Files like tests, assignments and homework can be easily shared and students can see and hear their instructor and write, type and draw on a digital whiteboard. It's an online tutoring environment that promotes communication and learning in multiple ways. Tutors also can help students learn about key concepts and areas they didn't quite master in the classroom. It's easy for a student to fall behind in a math course, for example, if he or she didn't quite master an earlier concept. Homework help is designed to make sure that at each step of the learning process, learning gaps are identified and addressed and important concepts are mastered with the goal of having students have a strong foundation on which to succeed.

Skooli's professional educators offer 24/7 academic support to students through on-demand homework help. They also provide 24-hour assignment review across 122+ subjects. Skooli's system is not designed to replace teachers, but rather to support their efforts and the students they teach. The company strives to help students accelerate their learning, retain what they learn in classrooms and get through learning challenges. Each program is curated to the needs of districts, schools and individual students.

Skooli's tutors are the best of the best — experienced educators with teaching licenses and/or Masters or PhDs in their respective fields. The company carefully vets every educator who applies. Its educators are not only subject-level experts, they understand the particulars of online learning and are trained to truly focus on a single student at a time, thus maximizing the learning potential of each student they work with.

With Skooli, students have unsurpassed learning opportunities through instant, on-demand and drop-in access to professional teachers - anytime and anywhere, all from a safe and secure online learning environment. Learn more about Skooli by visiting its website!

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