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Pluribus Technologies Inc. acquires The Learning Network

Toronto, ON, April 1, 2019 – Pluribus Technologies Inc. (“Pluribus”), a holding company established to acquire and grow small, profitable software companies, today announced the completion of their first acquisition, The Learning Network (“Learning Network”) in Irvine, California.

Learning Network has a proven cloud-based solution that efficiently delivers customized course content to support the continuing education and compliance requirements for financial services firms and other large corporations. In particular, their certification by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (“NASBA”) allows them to deliver courses which enable accountants to ensure that their Certified Public Accountant designation remains in good standing.

“We are very excited to complete our first acquisition in the financial services vertical” states Richard Adair, CEO of Pluribus. “We believe that in addition to increasing The Learning Network’s footprint in the accounting world, there are other opportunities to expand in the healthcare vertical where their offering has already demonstrated that it adds significant value.”

About The Learning Network

The Learning Network is one of the leading providers of continuing education for the accounting world. From global networks to independents firms, our learning management framework serves today’s CPA community with the tools necessary to accelerate professional growth, meet requisite certifications, and build an enterprise-wide foundation of intellectual capital.

About Pluribus Technologies Inc.

Pluribus Technologies Inc. specializes in acquiring small, profitable software companies from owners and investors that are seeking a succession plan. Pluribus helps entrepreneurs exit their businesses by providing them with a liquidity event when there are often few other reasonable options. The management team of former owner-operators builds upon the legacy created with loyal customers and employees, taking businesses to the next level of success.

For Further Information:

Diane Pedreira, Chief Operating Officer, Pluribus Technologies Inc.

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