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Helping Law Firms with Digital Transformation

Numerous law offices today have paperwork problems — specifically, too much of it. Even though many legal files these days are digitized, some offices still have piles of paperwork everywhere and a certain level of docume

ntation chaos that drains resources. That's where DocMoto comes in.

Acquiring this innovative company helped Pluribus expand its digital enablement footprint into the document management space and was our first acquisition in the U.K. market. The company has a solid reputation for providing a powerful solution that's reliable and user-friendly. It is popular with law firms and other knowledge-based organizations worldwide that trust DocMoto to manage their documents and emails and improve efficiency and profitability.

DocMoto's solutions are helping law firms with digital transformation and reducing a historical reliance on paper. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Even worse, nearly 70 percent of that paper ends up in the trash. Now just imagine the amount of paper that law firms use. There's still a certain

level of paper that will always be necessary for court filings and other proceedings. Yet, in the back end, in their office, many law firms can reduce their reliance on paper to a measurable degree.

A significant number of legal professionals h

ave already taken steps to reduce their paper mountains. Paper use at firms nationwide has dropped dramatically. And there is a good reason why. By utilizing a service like DocMoto, law firms can realize long-term savings as their dependence on physical copies of files decreases. They'll spend less on paper, ink, printers, and printer maintenance. They don't have to worry as much about dedicating office space to storage. Law firms can save both time and financial resources with better document management. For law firms, office space is second only to salaries when it comes to overhead. By removing tons of boxes and reams of paper and files, there's less of a need for office space — or existing space can be utilized more efficiently.

DocMoto helps businesses and organizations transition into a digital realm where important files and documents can be easily

managed, retrieved, filed and transferred. The company's systems are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing everyone in an office to access, manage and send the documents they nee

d. Searching is much easier and less time-consuming.

DocMoto's tools can help people locate and manage specific documents across multiple databases. Its software makes it easy to find the document(s) that are needed no matter where they are located in the cloud. Its software can even provide multiple prompts to ensure digital files are stored correctly. Going paperless doesn't remove all obstacles. Once you've digitized, you need to take steps to organize your digital footprint as well. From better folder structures to effortless digital document retrieval - DocMoto can help you do it all.

Visit DocMoto's website to learn more about how this company can help your business increase productivity, efficiency and overall happiness.

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