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Exiting Your Company, Made Easier

There comes a time when every entrepreneur is ready to exit the company he or she has worked so hard to build. Perhaps there's been little or no succession planning, which can make the task more challenging. Either way, it's easy when you're running a successful business to put off a complex and emotional task. At Pluribus Technologies, we acquire, enhance and grow small technology companies. We specialize in bringing together profitable companies with a unique B&B value proposition under one umbrella and helping them grow and prosper in ways they haven't been able to do on their own.

At Pluribus Technologies, our niche is in acquiring companies that most strategic acquirers and private equity funds consider too small. We look for companies with a clear and compelling industry niche and consistent sales and earnings but little growth despite sizeable potential. Perhaps a company has focused only on one industry, segment of the market or geographic area and has been unable to expand its scope on its own. Or perhaps efforts to scale and grow profits have been limited. Perhaps a lack of capital or a low risk tolerance has prevented the company from deploying resources to fuel growth. Whatever the reason, we look for hidden value and an opportunity to take over the day-to-day management of the business, develop a transition plan for the founder/owners and help the company reach greater levels of success as part of a larger organization while providing a way for the owner to feel comfortable that their legacy is in good hands.

We look carefully for companies that fit well into our current portfolio of nearly one dozen different businesses and have the potential to reach significantly higher levels of success from our expertise and resources and collaboration and cross-selling with other portfolio companies. There is no shortage of examples in the technology world of companies that reached their true potential after becoming part of a larger organization with more resources and expertise. Remember when Google acquired YouTube? Or Facebook purchased Instagram? Bringing a stand-alone technology company under a larger umbrella can provide the resources, collaboration, cross-selling opportunities, management expertise and more to help the smaller company realize its full potential.

We scout fragmented market verticals to look for companies with the ability to significantly grow their market share with the right types of resources and connections. In verticals such as e-learning, e-commerce, health-tech and digital enablement, there are companies with large and growing total available markets that can reach significantly greater success with the right combination of assets and support.

Our acquisition philosophy is focused on:

1. Companies with less than $10 million in revenue that have 20-30% normalized EBITDA

2. Entrepreneurs who don’t just view the transaction as a liquidity event but as a continuation of their legacy and want to sell to fellow owner-operators as opposed to just strategic acquirers and financial buyers who may disrupt their business to achieve their returns. These business owners care deeply about the organizations they founded and nurtured and would like to see them succeed over the long term.

3. Financing that leverages cash, vendor financing, and earnouts/equity instruments to provide the owner(s) with a fair price for the business at closing but also provides a financial incentive to help the Pluribus management team to grow the business.

Leveraging the deep knowledge of our management team, we can provide an attractive way for owners to transition out of their companies and for us to grow unique businesses and create significant value for our shareholders. ​Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, we operate businesses in Alberta, North Carolina, California, Utah, and the United Kingdom. Get to know more about us on our website:

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