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A Comprehensive List of Who We Are

Who are we? Pluribus Technologies is a parent company that oversees and manages various B2B software organizations specializing in eLearning solutions, health tech, digital enablement, and eCommerce. The companies we've acquired are dedicated to empowering professionals, students, and businesses to achieve their learning and development goals and drive sustainable improvements in business performance. Learn more about them here:

The Learning Network

The Learning Network is one of the leading providers of continuing education. The organization's learning management framework serves today's CPA community with the tools necessary to accelerate professional growth, meet requisite certifications, and build an enterprise-wide foundation of intellectual capital. The Learning Network's mission is to equip accounting professionals with the latest knowledge, skills, and resources to help them stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

ICOM Productions

ICOM Productions has been at the forefront of developing innovative learning solutions, partnering with some of the world's largest and most dynamic organizations to create high-impact products with targeted learning objectives. The company specializes in online learning, video, and motion graphics production, virtual reality, and 3D development, and eco-learning systems. ICOM's solutions are designed to engage learners and enhance their learning experience through the latest technologies, including immersive virtual environments and interactive simulations.


Pathways Training & eLearning specializes in the design of learning technologies and traditional classroom programming, including eLearning, animation, simulation, gaming, live-action video, and 360° virtual reality. Pathways has had the pleasure of working alongside some of North America's most celebrated brands, serving as their trusted learning and development partner for over 15 years. Pathways' solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization and promote the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Tortal Training

Tortal Training is a full-service eLearning provider that specializes in developing interactive eLearning solutions. Tortal makes effective training for organizations with distributed workforces easier, by enhancing learning outcomes using strategic methodologies for engagement. This approach helps maximize an investment in learning and development, which in turn drives sustainable improvements in business performance and results. Tortal's solutions are designed to support the unique learning needs of each organization and to promote a culture of continuous learning and development.

The Kesson Group

Kesson Group provides aspiring teachers with new and affordable pathways to teacher licensure and connects them directly with employment at top schools and districts through its hiring platform, Teach Away. The online tutoring platform, Skooli, leverages a network of job-seeking teachers to provide districts with accessible tutoring solutions that are affordable and equitable. Kesson's solutions are designed to promote greater access to quality education and training for students and teachers alike, empowering them to achieve their full potential.


SkilSure provides customized professional development and competence assurance software and services. With more than 500,000 users across North America and the United Kingdom, SkilSure has vast experience in tracking the progress of job-specific competency-based training. SkilSure's services include automated training needs analyses, continuing professional development solutions, online testing, mentoring solutions, eLearning, and competence tracking and verification systems, and e-portfolio systems. SkilSure's solutions are designed to help professionals acquire the skills and competencies needed to succeed in their roles and drive business growth.


LogicBay provides technology-enabled Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and ecosystem solutions that enable organizations to build, scale, and optimize their sales channel. LogicBay PRM technology supports the entire sales channel life cycle from recruiting and onboarding sales partners to managing a global network of partners in multiple languages. FUSE, a member-based digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry, fosters opportunities for members to connect and collaborate effectively, exchange information, gain immediate access to content and courses, and activate new and incremental sources of revenue. LogicBay's solutions are designed to help businesses build strong and productive relationships with their partners and promote greater collaboration and innovation.


DocMoto is an app-based document and email management system for Mac and Windows. The software is a true multi-user application that is simple to use and delivers powerful business benefits, including email management, content tagging, searching, sharing, and full revision control. DocMoto's solutions are designed to help businesses manage their documents more efficiently and securely, promoting greater collaboration and productivity.

Assured Software

Assured Software is a restoration and contents job management system built on Salesforce® Cloud Platform. When faced with fire or water damage, home, and business owners turn to insurance carriers and companies that provide emergency, remediation, construction, and restoration services for clean-up and repair. Assured Software's role in this ecosystem is to use its restoration and contents job management platform to assist in quickly getting things back to normal while providing the best possible experience for the contractor, the property owner, and the insurance company.

TeleMED Diagnostic Management

TeleMED Diagnostic Management has been a pioneer in the development of powerful solutions for managing non-invasive medical diagnostic data. TeleMED serves an array of verticals in the healthcare industry, including community diagnostic laboratories, specialty clinics, occupational testing organizations, family physician groups, and paramedical service providers. The solutions offered feature advanced security safeguards, innovative quality management tools, business analytic capabilities, smart electronic forms, and a high degree of interoperability and connectivity. TeleMED's solutions are designed to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in healthcare.

Rowanwood Professional Services

Rowanwood Professional Services is a software vendor and the owner of the IP to the Apex Asset Management Solution. The Apex software is an all-encompassing and functionally rich housing Asset Management solution designed and developed by Rowanwood to help organizations manage their property portfolio. Rowanwood's solutions are designed to help property managers and landlords manage their properties more effectively and efficiently, promoting greater productivity and profitability.

Social5 is a social media marketing company that uses proprietary technologies to provide affordable marketing solutions to an underserved SMB market. With an increasing number of consumers turning to social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to research and purchase products, Social5 provides a suite of marketing solutions designed to help SMBs. These include graphical design, content creation, social media advertising, and reputation management. Through its scalable content-delivery system and the recruitment of award-winning writers from Top-100 newspapers nationwide, Social5 has distinguished itself as a leading platform for helping SMBs retain existing customers and reach out to new ones.

POWR is one of the web's leading platforms that helps eCommerce businesses turn website visitors into customers. With 60+ solutions that are easy to use, customizable, and affordable, businesses can accelerate their growth by optimizing lead collection and conversions on their website. Trusted on over 12 million websites worldwide, including Allbirds, Acer, Staples, Estée Lauder, Airbus, Chick-fil-A, and CROCS USA, POWR's solutions are designed to help businesses reach their full potential by leveraging the power of the web.

In conclusion, Pluribus Technologies is a parent company that is dedicated to empowering professionals, students, and businesses to achieve their learning and development goals and drive sustainable improvements in business performance. Through its various organizations, Pluribus Technologies provides innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization and promote a culture of continuous learning and development. Whether it's in the accounting, education, healthcare, property management, or eCommerce industries, Pluribus Technologies is committed to helping organizations succeed and thrive in today's dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape.

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