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A Closer Look at the Kesson Group

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

As part of our ongoing blog series examining companies that make up the Pluribus family, today we take a closer look at the Kesson Group. The Kesson Group operates in the eLearning sector and helps teachers and school districts in various ways. First, it provides aspiring teachers with new and affordable ways to get a teaching license. Once that is done, the Kesson Group then connects them directly with employment opportunities in top schools in their area. This, in turn, helps relieve the pressure on school districts struggling to find enough teachers for classrooms. But how does the Kesson Group manage these programs? Through technology. The Kesson Group essentially uses three distinct pieces of technology to serve the needs of teachers, students and schools. Let's look at each one individually.

TeachAway specializes in providing prospective teachers with access to some of the best international schools. For those looking for ESL teaching opportunities all over the world, TeachAway offers a comprehensive teacher recruitment and jobs platform. TeachAway helps individuals become certified teachers and get started teaching online. People all over the world want to learn English, and TeachAway brings English teachers to a global audience. In the meantime, you improve your resume. Whatever your path, TeachAway develops its programs with one thing in mind: helping great teachers and schools. TeachAway provides individuals with a way to become a teacher without an expensive degree. The fact is if you want to become a TEFL-certified English teacher anywhere in the world, TeachAway provides you with the tools to do so.

Skooli exists to serve tutors and schools through an innovative online tutoring platform. Teachers need assistance and schools are overstretched. Skooli provides schools, districts, and organizations with an equitable and affordable online tutoring platform. Students get one-to-one academic support and have access to over 122 subjects. As a result, students gain access to comprehensive learning opportunities. And they can access teachers through instant, on-demand, drop-in requests from anywhere and at any time. Meanwhile, all of this is facilitated in a user-friendly and secure system. Partnering with Skooli allows schools and districts to work with the most reliable and scalable online tutoring service available. In the end, Skooli and the Kesson Group are committed to ensuring students gain access to the best learning outcomes and get the help they need to succeed.

Klassroom forms the third pillar of the Kesson Group's eLearning strategy. Klassroom offers a nationally accredited, state-approved alternative teacher licensure program. Their Teacher Certification Program (TCP) is for individuals who want to become teachers. They are always certifying, developing, and placing amazing teachers in front of eager students in classrooms around the country. Even better, Klassroom offers TCP classes fully online. That way learners can study on their own schedule. Flexibility is key and Klassroom offers just that. Through their program, learners can work while they earn a teaching license. In turn, this removes barriers for aspiring teachers and ensures resources are available for students and school districts.

Through the power of these three services and their attendant systems, the Kesson Group works hard to achieve a worthy goal: Ensuring every student has access to an excellent teacher. Once done, the Kesson Group connects them directly with employment at top schools and districts through its proprietary and easy-to-use hiring platform. The Kesson Group provides individuals and companies with an international team of education experts who have a history of strong relationships with academic institutions and local and state agencies. Here at Pluribus Technologies, we are so proud to have companies committed to helping people teach others and make lives better within our portfolio. For more information, visit the Kesson Group's website:

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